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Strain Hunters

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Strain Hunters launched their Seed Bank in 2013, after many years of travelling to a multitude of dangerous, remote locations, hunting for landrace seeds, while absorbing the knowledge from different cannabis cultures, recording documentaries to share with the world the importance of cannabis preservation across the globe.

The Strain Hunters are Arjan, Simon and the late great Franco Loja who sadly lost his life while on such a quest, their determination to preserve these rare natural Landrace strains continues, introducing these genetics into breeding programmes today, creating many unique strains that are recognised within cannabis communities, many of their strains have won multiple awards.

Landraces are the most natural pure form of Cannabis that you can find, wildly adapting to their own environments, Strain Hunters have taken on the task of finding these strains and preserving them for future medical research, believing it’s a basic human right that these plants, and the medicine it contains, should be widely available, helping to improve or even save lives.

The Strain Hunters offer some unique strains, offering some feminised and auto feminised varieties, using some exceptional genetics within their breeding programmes, these strains should absolutely be tried at least once, maybe even twice, you never know, you may find exactly what you have been looking for.

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