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Digital Genetics

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Digital Genetics is a fairly new breeder to appear from the Canadian cannabis market, their intention is to produce a new collection of unique seeds, which are eminently beneficial for medical Marijuana users, alongside those who use Cannabis recreationally.

Their seeds have been bred using a range of the finest genetics available, within the cannabis market today, striving to develop easy-to-grow strains that will produce high yields, suited to growers with all levels of experience.

They endeavour to maintain the highest standards possible, only using genetics from 100% organic crops, while hand picking all seeds in a temperature-controlled environment, ensuring customers only receive top quality, resulting in them rapidly achieving a renowned reputation for high quality seeds.

Digital Genetics offer some truly unique strains that are a joy to grow, including their Snowberry Blue strain which exhibits an alluring mix of coloured buds, also offering strains with extraordinarily wonderful scents that are a pleasure to have in any grow room.

Here at The Cannabis Seed Bank, you will find that we only sell genuine Digital Genetics seeds.

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