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Brothers Grimm Seeds

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It all started in the mid-eighties, when Mr.Soul developed a keen interest in cannabis cultivation. He started by growing plants in the spare room of his apartment, while reading all the literature that he could find. This interest inspired him to write to the owner of the Super Sativa Seed Club, in Amsterdam, to discuss breeding and genetics. This interaction resulted in a job offer, which is when Mr.Soul became their leading USA distributor. This enabled him to gain more of an insight into cannabis cultivation methods and genetics, while utilising his engineering skills to design and develop, advanced methods of cultivating.

Brothers Grimm was founded by Mr.Soul, and his partner Sly, in 1996. They soon became known for their superior quality seeds, with their expertise in selectively backcrossing, cubing and inbreeding, some of the most elusive strains from around the globe. Their main goals were to produce genetically stable varieties, with high potency, short flowering times, heavy resin production, and intense tropical terpenes. However, in 2002 the company closed its doors. Their seeds became much sought after, with some varieties famously being used in others breeding programmes, like their Cinderella 99 and Apollo 13.

After many years of closure Brothers Grimm reopened its doors, bringing with them their legendary genetics that are so well-loved and respected. In 2015 they relaunched in Colorado, to the delight of many cultivators worldwide. Their ultimate goal has remained the same, which is to produce and provide stable and reliable strains, cultivated using strict genetic principles, ensuring that they always offer the finest cannabis genetics available.

Brothers Grimm's seed library consists of some truly amazing strains, which offer an incomparable mix of flavours and effects. They have traditionally refused to offer feminised seeds, preferring to stick with traditional methods. However, after further research in 2016 they have released a feminised version of Cinderella xx, and Apollo xx, which are their only feminised varieties to date.

You can purchase Brothers Grimm A-Class seeds here today. We Only Sell Genuine Brothers Grimm Seeds.

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