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Medical Marijuana Genetics

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The starting point of Medical Marijuana Genetics was back in 2014, it was after one of the founders discovered that Cannabis oil was immensely reducing the pain, and greatly improving the quality of life for their beloved mother, who was suffering with late stages of Pancreatic Cancer. After being witness to the fascinating benefits that cannabis oil had given to the late Candida Green, when she needed it the most, they became motivated to raise awareness of the medicinal properties within Cannabis, hoping to help others who were also suffering, so they set up this informational website:

They soon realised after speaking to patients worldwide, that there was a need for Cannabis Genetics that could specifically help a variety of different symptoms. So, they got together with some award-winning Breeders and some caregivers to create some of the best medicinal CBD rich strains available, barely a year after they had started on this campaign Medical Marijuana Genetics was born. Their pioneer strain was a huge success, aptly named Candida after the founder's late mother. Laboratory tests revealed a huge CBD count of 20%, with a low THC count under 1%, these ground- breaking results showing the highest CBD-rich phenotype ever created in Europe.

Following this achievement Medical Marijuana Genetics were further motivated, they proceeded to create a number of equally successful CBD rich strains, staying within the realms of legal jurisdiction enabled a larger community to acquire access to the therapeutic benefits found in these CBD rich plants. The large number of people who can benefit include those that suffer with Chronic pain, Inflammation, Seizures, Convulsions, Gastrointestinal disorders, Nausea, Vomiting, Skin conditions, Bacterial infections, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer cell growth and much more.

Medical Marijuana Genetics are continuing their research and aim to introduce more beneficial strains, currently all that have been generated are CBD dominant or CBD rich, with a ratio of at least 1:1 and all to date have a CBD level no less than 10%. Medical Marijuana Genetics encourage their customers, who are within the legal jurisdictions to grow, to publish laboratory results of their produce and feedback on any medicinal benefits they experience. All Medical Marijuana Genetics Seeds have been independently tested by Canna and Totem Labs.

We Only Sell Genuine Medical Marijuana Genetics Seeds.

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